Wedding Cakes

The cake can be as unique as the couple. From traditional to modern, the cake is the last delicacy of the day, and it will taste as good as it looks. We offer options to fit everyone's budget. Tasting appointments are available to look at our design albums and taste our popular flavors. If you are unable to come by our shop, we are happy to coordinate your wedding cake order by email and phone. We have wedding cake tasting samples that can be picked up at our shop. The designs below are our most popular designs, but we always welcome new ideas.


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Pricing and Ordering Details

Wedding Cakes:

Our tiered wedding cakes start at $3 per serving and then increase depending on the design. Most of our designs are typically $3.25 or $3.50 per serving. This is about a three-ounce serving of cake. If you prefer a larger serving, we are happy to accommodate. With a fifty serving or larger three tier display cake, the top tier of the cake is complimentary for your 1st anniversary. Included in this price is the use of our display trays. There are many factors that can change our pricing, including the number of servings needed, the cake design and cake display size. If you have a design in mind, you may send a picture by email and we will provide you a more exact cost estimate. 

For large events, we offer the option of ordering a portion of the servings as sheet cakes, which are $3 per serving. With this option, we recommend designing the display cakes to include two-thirds of the servings needed and then purchasing the additional servings needed as sheets cakes after you have finalized the guest count.


Our individual desserts $1.85-$2.10 per piece when picked up at the bakery. The desserts are $2.10-$2.35 each delivered in boxes. Tartlets are $2.35 each picked up at the bakery and $2.60 each delivered in boxes. Delivered prices includes the rental of display trays. We require a 3 dozen minimum order for each flavor. 

Our regular sized cupcakes are $2.10 each picked up at the bakery and $2.35 each delivered in boxes. We require a 3 dozen minimum order for each flavor. We will accept orders of 2 dozen; however, the price for each increases $.25 (from the prices above). Delivered prices includes the rental of display trays.

Cookies are $12 per dozen picked up at the bakery and $12.60 per dozen delivered. Delivered prices includes the rental of display trays. We require a 4 dozen minimum order for each flavor. 

Pies serve 12 slices and are $30 each for all flavors expect pecan which is $40 each. We require a minimum order of 3 pies per flavor.

See the Flavors page for cake and dessert flavors.

Ordering Process:

We try to make your wedding cake ordering process a piece of cake with our step-by-step ordering process!   

Step 1: Taste and Pricing

Start with the fun part - tasting the cake! Stop by our shop to pick up wedding cake tasting samples. If you have a design in mind, send us an email of the picture or bring the picture along when you pick up the samples, and we can provide you the preliminary cake design pricing.

Order Wedding Cake Tasting Samples

Step 2: Save the date!

If you like what you tasted, the next step is to put your name on our calendar and pay the $50 non-refundable deposit to secure our services for your wedding date. The $50 deposit goes toward your wedding cake balance after you complete the contract.

Reserve Date and Pay deposit

Step 3: The Contract

You are now ready to nail down all of the details! You can provide us all of the wedding cake order details in the below order form, and we will write your wedding cake contract and email it to you. Or we can meet with you for a wedding cake design appointment to write the wedding cake contract with you in person.


Pre-Ordered Cakes


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